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(all of the below described seminars are available in 90 minute to 3 hour interactive sessions with students or as 30-45 minutes talks. They can also be taught over a semester within a classroom setting to youth, adults or elders. 

HEALing versus HELLthcare: PovertyScholarship and ComeUnity Reparations as a Resistance to Harming Systems 

As part of the colonization of our human-ness, our care, our cures, and our medicine were colonized by Wite-science. Drastic, violent, and brutal experimentation on poor bodies and poor bodies of color “proved” that the only cure to our ills was this inhuman, disconnected, and monetary medicine, which birthed the medical industrial complex, Big Pharma, and subsequently the therapy industrial complex. 

The Middle Class Media Missionary 

From Charles Dickens to the Chronicle - The Middle Class Media Missionary versus Poor/Indigenous/Disabled People-led Self-determined Truth-Media missionary work is extractive, othering and leads to the silencing, gentriFUKing, poisoning, poLicing, sweeping, removal, displacement and gentriFUKing of Black/Brown, Indigenous, Disabled and houseless communities across this occupied land. 

From Criminalization to Land Liberation 

The medicine of poverty scholarship is the medicine of landless/homeless/indigenous/disabled peoples land liberation and self-determined movements.  We are looking to launch an international movement to self-determined land liberation for houseless, indigenous, bordered, disabled and poor people. The prescription is all in Poor Magazine's new textbook, Poverty Scholarship Poor People Lead Theory, Art Words and Tears Across Mama Earth, Poor Magazine's cultural work and critical thinking exerçise.  We will use Poor Magazine's curriculum, live experiences that highlights state reactions toward poor, houseless and disabled people and how Poor Magazine went inward to come up with poor people solutions such as Homefulnes, People School, Media, Poor people theory and Poor Press. 

Required texts for this workshop:  

Po Peoples Survival Guide thru Covid19 and the Virus of Poverty

Poverty Scholarship: Poor People-Led Theory, Art, Words & Tears Across Mama Earth

Race, Poverty and Disability in children's book for all ages—Teaching/Sharing/lifting up a new protagonist for k-12 educators, youth and parents

This workshop made for all ages is focused on teaching a new protagonist for houseless youth and parents and their peers and educators. A story of interdependence and thrival through the experience that over 53% of k-12 children in schools today are experiencing today- homelessness, eviction, displacement and poverty.

Post-GentriFUkation- What happens to poor/working class communities once we are removed/displaced- an in-depth, impacted community led seminar on the dismantling of communities/families and elders when they go through the process of removal and displacement and the ways to implement innovative care models to hold, help and support their family systems.

Homefulness & Other Innovative Land Use & Liberation Models in a time of Mama Earth Crisis - a Homeless peoples solution to homelessness and Mama Earth Liberation- an in-depth look at different and truly innovative land use models rooted in indigenous consciousness. This session will offer examples of  how to develop, transform, support and/or enact an indigenous, poor and homeless peoples, self-determined model to housing and land use- including this new model of taking Mama Earth completely   off the "market"

Homelessness, Single Parent and Child Resistance Models to State sponsored Othering and Separating systems - in this poverty skola led workshop we look at innovative , revolutionary systems fo support that actually work to keep families together as a resistance to the ways that the poverty industry and the non-profit industrial complex works to separate families

Sweeping, Cleaning and Evicting Poor, Unhoused Elders, Families and Youth
From the Pauper Laws to Stop and Frisk and the Sit-Lie Laws - Hygenic Metaphors, Anti-Poor Codes & Criminalization of Poverty
This seminar/workshop focuses on the settler colonizer laws that have been in place since the theft of this indigenous territory and the ways that they enable the ongoing criminalization of poor, disabled  bodies. This poverty scholar-led workshop will investigate the academic ,corporate, government and non-profit and philanthropic industries that support, enable and benefit from these systems of exploitation as well as direct ways to resist and dismantle them.


The GentriFUKation Nation - Motherism, Angst, Capitalism and the US cult of Independence
This seminar looks at the hetero-patriarchal therapy industry and the way it perpetrates the separation of families,youth and elders and the ways in which this process is necessary within a system of capitalist exploitation. How and who benefits and direct and the ways in which this leads to gentrification, displacement, criminalization and removal. This poverty scholar-led seminar also includes direct medicine and ways to implement change, resistance and healing into interdependence.
Deconstructing and Transforming Philanthropy, Giving and Charity into Radical Redistribution and Community Reparations  
An in-depth, poverty scholar-led workshop that unpacks each participants’ own access to channels of race, class and/or formal educational privilege and the ways in which their resources are tied to, stem from and can transform into equity sharing, Community Reparations and Radical redistribution,


Basic #101 Poverty Scholarship/Ongoing Workshops
Poverty Scholarship 101-Challenging Academia, Media and Research The worlds of academia, research and media has a rigid notion of who should be heard, what is a scholar and what is considered a valid form of data collection, media production and research. In this section, the poverty, race, disability, youth, migrant and indigenous scholars challenge the rigid concept of the canon, of scholarship itself and who should be heard and recognized.

How to Not Call the PoLice (kkkops) Ever

An in-depth poverty scholars-led workshop using theatre, poetry, education and prayer on how not to engage with the state agents who test, arrest, incarcerate and kill every poor person they get. 

For more workshops from POOR Magazine's PeopleSkool click here

Reference Letters

Reference #1


I highly recommend Lisa (Tiny) Gray-Garcia's PeopleSkool seminars - and/or any speaking/performing engagement with Lisa and POOR Magazine - for any institution or group that is looking to undertake a meaningful exploration of the marginalization of people based on race, class, disabilities, age, and other issues. As a formerly homeless person who "got out" and went on to do undergraduate work in philosophy at Yale and then a J.D. at UConn Law, I can say that the work that POOR Magazine is doing is nothing short of revolutionary. We've all seen the lives of homeless and other poverty-stricken members of our society characterized as being "invisible," but this is not accurate. These people are not invisible; we all see - and then pretend as if we did or can not see - them, as we all keep moving and going on with our days. The PeopleSkool vignettes bring the unseen realities of this growing population to life - and they give every participant the opportunity to explore and consider the moral, ethical and humane questions of how we are responding to this reality - both personally as well as at the societal level. No one who participates in a PeopleSkool seminar will leave unchanged.  

~ Valerie Klokow

Other Letters of Reference

From Vassar College

From UC Berkeley

From Krip Hop Nation

From Sogorea Te Land Trust

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